The hotel

The background of the hotel owner


I grew up in the catering industry from a very young age. Indeed, my mother managed care homes. Therefore, contact with people has always been a priority and a pleasure for me.


Libramont Hotel School


Apprenticeship at the IFAPME in Bouvignes catering, kitchen and dining room restaurant Dionysos in Beauraing. Thanks to Nicolas Nikas, the boss, for all the good advice and tips, but especially for his kindness.


Apprentice at the Hotel de l'Aubépine at Ricail in Beauraing -- thank you for their rigor.


Cook at Dionysos 3 years


Worked in the dining room at Ry D'ave à Ave and Auffe, in the restaurant and at Mathilde's.


Cook with a great evolution at the Castel de Pont à Lesse "Mercure Anseremme 5 years". Thanks to Mr Bormans who taught me the basics of cooking!

Cook at the Edith Cavel Hospital in Uccle, learning to cook for the community and large volumes.


Manager and cook at the Club House of the Royal Golf Club of Château Royal Ardenne in Houyet (7 years)


As a perfectionist and curious person, I am currently taking courses in butchery at the IFAPME.


With a pleasure to learn, to meet and to share, I give cooking lessons to students at the beginning of their apprenticeship also at the IFAPME of Bouvignes.



2018 Start of a new adventure at Domaine Provincial de Chevetogne, takeover of the Motel Restaurant Les Rhodos.


For the past 7 years, I have been managing the Club House at the Royal Golf Club of Château Royal Ardenne in Houyet.
Given the very private nature of this Club, it was impossible for me to extend my activity, except for some of the most prestigious golf competitions such as BMW, Mercedes, Puilaetco Dewaay, BNP Paribas Luxembourg, Champage Billecars Salmon, ING, Degroof, Ame Life, CBC, Better Golf.


Wishing to extend my business, I wanted to take over an establishment close to my home, while still being able to enjoy a green setting and an establishment with a very distinct style!


Les Rhodos in the Domaine Provincial de Chevetogne, from April 1st!


The icing on the cake is the possibility to stay in one of the 16 comfortable rooms with a view on nature!


I have always wanted to be able to run a hotel complex, but on a small scale to be close to the guests, I think I have found the perfect place.


With my catering team Betty, Julien, Maxime and many other smiling and dedicated people, I will offer a generous, bourgeois cuisine made up of fresh products, some of which come from my Spar shop in Beauraing where I am assisted by Mr Lopez.


All meat and charcuterie is carefully selected and prepared by my dedicated butchery team, Quentin and Nora.


The same is true for all fruit and vegetables that come in several times a week!


With my catering team, we also travel outside to organise all your events, christenings, weddings, communions and hunting meals.


The style of cooking that I have been practising for years does not fit into any particular category. We start with fresh, seasonal and quality products.


I am particularly fond of dishes in sauce such as carbonnade à la bière d'Orval, navarin of lamb à la grecque, etc.


From the comments I have received over the years I am also said to be generous and "colourful" when preparing my cold buffets.


With the current economic situation, the guest makes an effort by taking a seat at our table, so they should not leave feeling hungry.


For the rest, I think the best way to be objective is to come and visit us!